Top Colors to Paint Your Office

Sounds a little bogus, doesn’t it? It’s pretty bizarre that the color of your office can actually affect the way that your business is run. But it’s true: the color that you surround yourself with while you work greatly affects your mood. And as all entrepreneurs know, your mood can greatly affect the direction that your business goes in.

There is a reason that McDonald’s arches are bright yellow. Yellow is the color for happiness, joy, and youth.

There is a reason that the inside of a Starbucks is painted deep green and maroon. Both colors ignite feelings of warmth, comfort and togetherness.

There is a reason that a Hershey’s chocolate bar comes wrapped in dark brown paper. Yes, it gives off the chocolate-vibe, but it also sparks emotions of simplicity, wholesomeness and surprisingly, health.

It is important for entrepreneurs to surround themselves with colors that promote creativity, energy, hard work, and a touch of relaxation. But what colors can help promote productivity without becoming too distracting?

1. Orange: Orange is often painted on the walls of a fitness center because of its ability to evoke excitement, enthusiasm and energy. It would be extremely beneficial to surround yourself with the color orange, not only in the gym, but also in the office. We’re not asking you to paint every wall bright orange, but rather, use orange in simple, discrete ways throughout your work day; purchase orange pillows for the lobby, use orange Post-It notes, or make the background of your computer an orangey picture. Pale orange or terracotta are two color options for effective office wall paint.

2. Red: Red has been known to increase a room’s energy level because of its ability to raise blood pressure and speed up heart rate. This color is a good choice when you want to stir up excitement. Red is also a stimulant for conversation and collaboration as it tends to bring people together. Additionally, red has been found to be the most “impressive” of the colors and gives off the best first impression. Therefore, if you’re an entrepreneur who often brings clients into the office, consider a deep red for an accent wall or two.

3. Pale Blue: A pale blue color, rather than a bold one, does not evoke feelings of creativity and energy, which most entrepreneurs look for. A light blue color does, however, help an entrepreneur to stay focused and productive throughout a typical workday.

4. Brown: Although brown is often interpreted as a “soothing” color, it does not have the same effect that blues and greens do (these colors promote meditation, tranquility, and peace, which can actually slow down a workday). Brown, on the other hand, is more of a “comfortable” color that evokes feelings of security, credibility and reassurance.

And the worst colors to paint your office:

1. Yellow: There is nothing more irritating than an overdose of yellow. Yellow has been known to be a frustrating color to work in, especially for those that are after a deadline-entrepreneurs, this is often you!

2. Purple: Some people find a deep plum color to be soothing and warming for an office space. But as a matter of fact, purple is not a good choice for an office because of its tendency to stir up romantic feelings, which is completely wrong for a working environment.

3. Bright Green, Bright Red, Bright Pink, Turquoise: Although some bright and bold colors are great for an entrepreneurial environment, these four are not. All of these colors have been found to be very difficult to concentrate in. Entrepreneurs who work around these colors often find themselves distracted and overwhelmed.

When decorating your home-office, office space, or cubicle, it is important to determine what colors inspire you the most. Maybe you’d like to be calmer at work, and so you decorate with blue accents. Maybe you want to reflect your company’s logo colors within the space. Whatever the case may be, the office space is yours, so be sure to make it a comfortable, revitalizing place that helps you become an even better entrepreneur.