Top Color Trends In Dorm Decorating

Dorm decorating is different than traditional bedroom decorating because a dorm room serves so many more functions than just a place to sleep. This is why dorm decorating ideas are usually very brightly colored and vibrant. The latest color trends in dorm decorating follow that lead.

It’s no wonder that purple has become a hot dorm room decorating trend. Purple has somehow landed in the mainstream bedroom and we can probably thank thoughtful college decorators for this exciting color option.

This hot color trend is still smoking. Mixing turquoise or teal with browns and neutral tones is popular in home but in dorms black is the must have accent color, it adds more pop and pizzazz.

Pink is not just for little girls anymore. Pink dorm bedding sets in a variety of hues is growing up and makes a bold feminine statement.

Lime Green
Lime has never seemed to get the credit it deserved until now. One of the biggest bedding and dorm decorating color tends is lime. Lime is bold, exciting, vibrant and a fun color to feature and even more fun to pair with unexpected accent colors, like turquoise and magenta.

School Colors
No matter what your school colors are, decorating your dorm room with school colors is always a fun and exciting way to embrace your new life. Look for bedding or bedding sets that features one of your school colors or look for specifically designed bedding with school logos, mascots and the works.

Whatever color you choose to use to decorate your dorm room make sure it’s one you really like as you’ll be spending a lot of time in that small space and you’ll want to love your new home for the whole year.